What Is The Best Treadmill On The Market 2018?

Looking for an easy way to work out? One that helps burn calories in a short time? One of the best pieces of workout equipment that you’d want for this is a treadmill. Easy to use, and burns a lot of calories, there are different types of treadmills available both in stores and online.

Types of Treadmills

Some of the key types of treadmills that you’d consider buying are the manual, folding, inclined and commercial. Though available for about the same price range, they have little differences in build and structure. The only differences are probably in the running-deck length, motor strength, and their set-up. So here’s a look at some of the most commonly available equipment.


Stamina InMotion IILet’s have a look at Motion II Manual Treadmill. Available online for a small price of a couple of hundreds of dollars, this simple treadmill is also simple to use and lets you set your own pace. With a 42-inch running deck, it also has a multi-functional battery operated motor that keeps track of calories, speed, distance, and time. The strong, heavy-duty, steel frame allows the machine to be folded for easier storage. With a well-rated score of above 3-stars, this is one of the better choices.


LifeSpan TR 1200iLifeSpan TR 1200i is an excellent example of a folding treadmill. It is not as cheap as manual treadmill I mentioned above. It has a powerful 2.5 horsepower motor with a large 20 by 56” running space that supports up to almost 300 pounds. It also comes with several built-in weight loss regimes, training exercises, and hone-living exercises. The EZ drop folding measures 35 x 54 x 70, and comes with a lifetime warranty and is rated more than 4-stars.


ProForm Pro 9000ProForm Pro 9000 is one of the top rated commercial treadmills. Probably the bulkiest treadmill available, it is also a very effective machine and comes with an expensive price tag of around $2,500. It has an iPad holder as well as treadmill workout HD videos, with a pre-installed 38 video workout list, and a workout assessment diagram. The mill comes with a CoolSAir work out fan 10” black LCD display, a Dual-Grip EKG heart-rate monitor, and a 10” backlit display. Another feature is its balanced rollers and 3” precision machine with 30% quick decline controls and proShock cushioning. To add to that, it comes with a 0-15% inline, with a 22×60” belt and with a 0-12 MPH speed measure. The maximum capacity is 400 pounds, and it comes with a lifetime motor and deck warranty. You can also get a 6-month warranty for electronic problems.


ProForm Power 995cProForm Power 955c is a perfect example of an inclined treadmill. Also one of the more expensive equipment, this is available for a little less than a thousand dollars. It has a commercial plus motor booted 3.0 CPH and a 0-15% heat-control rate. The treadmill is a 20” x 6” area belt that is a non-stretch material, equipped with precision machines and balanced with non-flex rollers. The weight limit is only about 350 pounds and it also comes with a 3-year parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty.

Our Reviews

Here is a selection of treadmills we have reviewed.

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