Body Max XRM7000 Electromagnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Whatever your fitness needs may be, Body Max XRM7000 Electromagnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is the perfect product that would help you achieve the body form that you’ve always wanted.

Exercise bikes are among the most preferred home fitness equipments because it provides an effective aerobic work-out at the comfort of the four corners of your house without consuming too much space with its compact design.

Body Max XRM7000There are different types of exercise bikes that could either be upright and recumbent and you get to choose the one that suits you best.

Designed For Comfort

BodyMax XRM7000 recumbent bike is engineered with Dot Matrix LED screen display with Time, Distance, Speed, Calories and Pulse readouts allowing you to keep track of your fitness performance.

This recumbent exercise bike is also equipped with a technology that carries out a fitness test analyzing your pulse recovery rate once you’re done with your exercise routine.

This product is well-designed providing the user maximum comfort while cycling.

It has a mesh seat-back design for a cool and relaxing sitting position especially during hot weather condition.

Workout Programs

XRM7000 bike offers different fitness programs you can choose from so you won’t bore yourself with the same old setting.

It has 8 work-out programs including Rolling Hill, Racing, Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Aerobic and Random.

With this technology, you would surely look forward for another day of exercise session for there is a different and exciting work-out experience every day.

XRM7000 control panelBodyMax XRM7000 is an electro-magnetic exercise bike that uses Eddy Current Resistance System.

When we speak of recumbent, it pertains to having a reclining position while pedaling giving a full back support and a more comfortable and convenient exercising position.

BodyMax XRM-7000 has 16 resistance levels that would fit your work-out needs.

You could start off from a low resistance level just to warm up your body as you go to a higher and hitting a more serious cardiovascular work-out.

BodyMax XRM7000 also allows you to do other things even while exercising just like watching TV for it operates quietly without having to worry about the annoying sound that other exercise machines usually produce.

Also, it has a pocket intended for TV remote control so you can have wide choices of television channels while comfortably having your morning work-out.

It also has high-quality rolling wheels for easy transport and storage.

Where To Buy?

For any flaws or imperfections, Body Max XRM7000 Bike has 10 years warranty on frame, 2 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

Keep your body toned up and in shape. Live a healthy life without compromising your comfort and convenience by having your very own now!