Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Keep your body in shape. Have the most comfortable morning or afternoon exercise routine with Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700.

Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700This delightful exercise machine would help you tone up your lower body by cycling the pedal and firm up your upper body by moving the arm handles.


  • To make you feel cozy while doing your 20-30 minutes work-out session, this product features a fan wheel that provides a mild breeze as you cycle back and forth.
  • Body Rider Fan Bike has also an edge when it comes to electronics – it has a digital display that would allow you to see the time elapsed since you started on wheels, your speed, distance covered and of course, the total calories that you were able to burn during the entire course of the exercise.
  • It also allows you to adjust the tension depending on your preference by simply turning the knob designated for tension value.
  • Lastly, this product comes in an adjustable seat that caters a relaxing sitting position for people of all stature.

Quality Exercise Sessions On Tight Budget

Body Rider Fan Bike is a great deal if you wanted to have a quality exercise session even if your budget is tight. This product comes in an affordable price, but still assures you a comfortable and superior work-out period.

It is also easy to assemble for it comes with a manual that would spare you the hassle and complication of putting the bike together.

To add up the many asset already mentioned about this wonderful product is that it comes in a sturdy and stylish frame design that would suit any architectural style of your house and guarantees you not to fall off while exercising.

Suited For Small Rooms

If you are living in a small condominium or apartment, you don’t have to worry for Body Rider Fan Bike doesn’t consume too much space.

Not only that!

This product is also easy to move around so you can place it anywhere in your house may it be on the front porch, backyard or in your living room.

Now, you can enjoy doing your work-out session even while watching your favorite television show. Isn’t that wonderful?

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Customer Reviews

Body Rider BRF700 may seem to be lost in the huge competition of exercise bikes, but its unique appearance and impressive combination of features has given it its own right to stand apart from the crowd.

Specific leg exercises, as well as other parts of the limbs, can be effectively performed using this machine, and it bestows a fit form of training which is not possible without it.

The most common complaint found against the Body Rider BRF700 is its seat, which is considered to be too hard to be called comfortable. The seat, though adjustable to variable heights, makes the overall user experience difficult, and keeps the bike from being a fully satisfactory product.

Nonetheless, for patients with chronic diseases or aching joints, the Body Rider BRF700 is an excellent aid in therapy sessions, made better by the fact that it can be used from the comfort of one’s own home.

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