BodyCraft VR100 Air Rowing Machine Review

For someone who is just plain addicted to cardio workouts, there are three things that I always look for when I shop for rowing machines: durability, resistance and value for the money.

I was quite hesitant to buy the BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine because, well, I’ve always believed in sticking with the popular brands, like Bowflex and Kettler.

BBodyCraft VR100 Air Rowing Machineut hey, times are tough, so I thought what the heck: it looks good; it doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket and I’ve read some very good reviews about it.

So, after some more research and review surfs, I bought one!

BodyCraft Rower – Durable and Well-Built

In terms of durability, I really thought that the VR100 looks very good.

It’s about 68″ long and well, it’s sturdy and the seat has a good contortion. It also has a good slide to it.

I’m not really sure what the material was used to make it, but it sure does seem of high quality.

But…Does It Really Work?

Now, when it comes to resistance, I have NOTHING against the VR100.

Want air resistance? How about magnetic resistance? Well, with this lil machine, you don’t really have to settle with one.

Yes, that’s really something. I always have a good workout whenever I use this machine.

I also row whenever I can, and even my mates can see improvement on me. It’s really amazing.

So is the BodyCraft VR100 Rower Machine worth buying?

  • Durability: Check!
  • Resistance: Cheeeck!
  • Price: One big fat check!

Customer Reviews

BodyCraft VR 100 Rowing Machine has been built to be the ultimate exercise machine of all times. However, the mixed response from customers of all varieties have left this product to be less desirable than it originally was. That is not to say that this is a bad product, though. By all means, the BodyCraft VR 100 Rowing Machine has left customers more satisfied than unsatisfied, mainly due to a combination of durability and reliability when compared to similar models in the market.

This machine is easy to set up during the initial steps, takes little room, and lacks the little lags and errs that comes up with other models of exercise machines. Its smooth performance is complemented by a steady design that allows a solid stand while working out. This rower is good at pumping out sweat and putting the body through a lot of work to get to the desired physical level of excellence. It puts no aftereffect strains or pulls on the muscles and joints, and instead, helps to cure them by allowing stretching of the limbs.

When using the BodyCraft VR 100 Rowing Machine, it has been reported that it doesn’t even feel like a machine being used, providing that natural feeling that very few exercise machines can claim to have. Another reason customers preferred this rowing machine is because of its mid-price range. Affordable and can be bought by just about anyone, this machine can give the performance of a high level exercise bike, and it even looks like a top notch model.

For professionals, however, this machine may prove to be ineffective due to the absence of an efficient counter. The machine can only count strokes and time, leaving little to no idea about how much of an actual performance is being done by the user. Nonetheless, this is a great product to have for those looking to get into daily exercising.