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Jul 1, 2018
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Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer Review

Schwinn is a training machine manufacturer company who builds robust machines that can sustain a heavy-duty workout session. They are known for providing built-in features that help them to monitor their progress during the workout which helps in having a productive training routine.

Programs such as heart rate monitoring, pre-programmed training sessions, led displays and much more make the Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer stands from the best performing training machines in the market.

Best Features

The Schwinn 470 training machine comes with 29 built-in programs that assure maximum comfort. These 29 programs include DualTrack back LED, 9 heart rate programs which have tiers of beginner, advanced and custom levels.

Body shapers who have just started with the training machine may not be used to a static program designed for an advanced body. So, the levels in the 9 programs help monitor the heart rate even for beginners who have less than regular practice with the heavy workouts.

This helps the body ease up to the routine slowly, without causing a muscle strain that may lead to body sores. The 29 programs also include 4 mountain rides, 4 fun rides, and 4 challenges, to give the users variety and keep them challenged during their workout sessions at all times.

It is also equipped with 2 fitness programs for both the beginners and advanced levels. This allows the Schwinn training machine to not only cater to a broader demographic but allows the users to have the scope of comfortability.

Beginners will be able to choose the fitness programs designed for them so that their workout sessions are completed with the ease of their body’s capability. Similarly, advanced users can select their level so that they are not underworked during the session.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Schwinn 470 Training machine helps out users to connect to the health monitoring app. This allows to accurately monitor the progress of their workout sessions and have the data always accessible on their smart devices.

By connecting to Schwinn’s Training app, this makes it easier to keep track of their performance data and also handle workout routines accordingly.

With the 25 ECB resistance settings, this workout machine provides granular control over their programmed training. Naturally, people may have different body sustainability levels for the sessions and may also want to customize the training intensity according to their comfort.

These 25 levels create 25 tiers of easiness to choose from based on their desired level of workout, which is hardly seen in many workout machines on the market.

Addition of the built-in speakers and charging facilities give the users a seamless experience of enjoying music during the workout schedule, enhancing productivity.

Customer Reviews


The weight of the Schwinn 470 machine is extremely light. Customers have commented positively on the mobility of the equipment. The workout equipment can be quickly taken to a spot of your choice at your will without having to think about the hassle you will face.

Assembly is also another plus that the customers have greatly appreciated in this exercise machine.  Customers prefer the equipment assembling to be as minimal and hassle-free as possible. The ease of assembly has been commended by the users for the machine.

The mobility of this training machine is made even better by the roller wheels attached in the front. Customers have mentioned how the wheels move the training equipment much simpler.

For the given price point, the Schwinn Training machine delivers the best performance for body shapers and toners alike. The functionalities and built-in programs make it easier for the users to be in control of their routine as well as their vitals. This helps them become more efficient and have impressive results. Customers have highly enjoyed the features that come with the price point of the trainer.

Most training equipment hardly comes with the facilities of the functions which Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer does. For an adequately priced machine, 470 elliptical trainer gives its consumers the best of the experience, making sure their calorie burning is efficiently executed.


Consumers have complained the fan to have an odd vibrating sound which comes off as a disturbance in the middle of a training session. They have highly suggested the design to be revised to get rid of the noise to make sure users can have their undivided attention on their chores.

The built-in speakers do not come with volume control. Many are seen to complain how the lack of controls have caused them not to have the desired sound they would want for their workout schedule. Customers have suggested that addition of volume control is essential especially when this machine is made for workout sessions.


Schwinn is one of the most well sorted elliptical machines that stands with the best in the market. With built-in functional programs catered to any user, beginner or advanced, the elliptical machine has it covered.

The choice of freely picking out the desired programs and also monitoring health vitals regularly to keep track is a great tool that is installed with the Schwinn 470.

Schwinn 470 vs 430

The number of programs in the A30 is 22 compared to the 470’s 29. However, 430 does lack in the connectivity and mixed-reality training aspect of the consumer comfortability which Schwinn 470 Elliptical passes with flying colors.

It is equipped with a Goal tracker that allows users to monitor their goal reached for the day, as opposed to the 470’s special app connectivity that gives the data of the body’s vitals and helps to design programs fit for the body workout.

Schwinn 470 vs A40

The A40 version does not come with Bluetooth connectivity so by extension, it means that app facilities in the smart devices may not exist. This absence may cause inconvenience to the users of this A40. The performance tracker, which is a vital part of the Schwinn 470, is also non-existent in the A40 which limits ablity to monitor the performance.

The length of their strides also differs, A40’s being 17.5 inches whereas 470’s is 20 inches. The most significant difference lies in the resistance intensity adjustments. A40 only gives a tier of 8 levels (moderate flexibility for the users) whereas 470 comes with 29 levels.