Diamondback Fitness 500UB Upright Exercise Bike Review

UPDATE: Diamondback Fitness 500Ub has been replaced by the newer model,  the model 510Ub Exercise Bike. Please read Diamondback Fitness 510Ub review or return to our site later to check out the comparison of Diamondback Fitness 500Ub vs 510Ub.

Through the years, different manufacturers devise ways and come up with new product models that would make exercising more comfortable and convenient.

Diamondback Fitness 500Ub Upright Exercise Bike is a great exercise machine that would provide you an efficient morning work-out session in the most comfortable way possible.


16 Levels of Resistance

Diamondback Fitness 500UB Upright BikeDiamondback 500Ub is an upright exercise bike featuring an eddy current break resistance.

It has 16 levels of resistance you could choose from that would suit your needs. You could start off from the lowest level of resistance and increase it to come up with an all-out cardiovascular and body work-out.

It also offers various programs types including Manual, Random, Glute Max Hill Climb, Fat Burning Intervals, Target Heart Rate and Custom Trainer where you can have different exercise types every day.


Diamondback 500Ub upright bike is specially designed to give maximum comfort to users while exercising at the comfort of their house.

It has an adjustable seat that’s ergonomically designed to separate weight equally and has flexible panel that cuts down the pressure and gets rid of the numbness that is quite common with other exercise bike models.

Diamondback 500Ub bike also has self-leveling pedal with adjustable straps that makes sure you get an efficient work-out without compromising your knees and ankles. With this features, you can assure to experience nothing but comfort while keeping your body healthy and in shape.


Diamondback 500Ub is engineered with built-in consoles allowing you to keep track of the Distance, Time, Pulse and Calories you have burned down during the course of your work-out and blue back-lit LCD screen that displays these readouts.

It also has pulse sensors on the handgrips enabling you to monitor your heart rate and cardiovascular performance.

500UB control panel and displayOther Features

To make your morning work-out more fun and exciting, Diamondback 500Ub is equipped with built-in speakers and plug-in jack for MP3 player providing you background music while cycling on your bike that makes you feel like having a morning jogging routine on the street where in fact, you are just within the borders of your house.

It also has accessory holder on the console intended for books and magazines and a built-in Smart Fan giving you a gentle cool breeze while exercising.

Diamondback 500Ub measures 39 x 60 x 20 inches, perfect for small houses and apartments and has a 275-pounds user weight capacity. It has limited lifetime on the frame and brake, three years on parts and electronics, and one year on labor.

Diamondback Fitness 500Ub bike is not just home fitness machine of form and fashion, but also of functionality and flexibility.

Customer Reviews

Diamondback Fitness 500Ub is an example of ‘what it says on the tin’, as it is made to provide fitness above all else.

For heavy duty performance and weighted training, this upright exercise bike is an amazing tool.

The built-in trainer programs guide the user through a number of exercises, while the speaker can be used to keep up a musical environment.Such common, yet helpful features make the training itself an enjoyable process.

The flaw appears in the fact that this exercise bike does not seem to have a long lifespan, despite possessing amazing durability.