Diamondback Fitness 510Ub Upright Exercise Bike Review

If you are thinking of purchasing home gym equipments that will allow you to exercise without the need to leave the comfort of your own place, one product that I can recommend is the Diamondback Fitness 510Ub Upright Exercise Bike.

Diamondback Fitness 510Ub Upright Exercise Bike This is especially designed by professionals in order to deliver results that can lead into a fitter and healthier body.

User Feedback

In the different opinions that have been expressed by the users of this exercise bike, one that I find to be most noticeable is that it offers excellence when it comes to flexibility.

I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that the home gym equipment should allow you to do different things, depending on the goal that you have in mind.


The Diamondback Fitness 510Ub  features model 20 workout programs, and this will allow you to choose the one that is preferred. In addition, there are also 16 different resistance levels.

With regards to comfort of the user, this does not fall short in terms of useful features.

For instance, it has personal cooling fans with variable speed, which will provide you with the air that is needed as you exercise.

There is also an integrated media center that will allow you to plug your music player so that you can have some tunes to provide you with motivation.

It also comes with bright LCD display that shows information that will allow you to monitor the progress of your workout, such as the amount of calories burned.

 Diamondback 510UB Fitness Upright BikeCheck Price

In choosing the best upright exercise bike, I suggest that you pay attention with its durability, which is indicative of being able to provide the best value for every dollar spent.

This model will prove to be perfect when it comes to long-lasting functionality. One of the reasons for such it has a durable steel frame that supports weight and makes it able to withstand long-term use.

The different components are constructed with the needs of its users in mind and with the ability to last long. For sure, it will take a long time before there is a need for you to have it finally replaced with a new one.

Customer Reviews

Diamondback Fitness 510UB is an often under looked product in the market of exercise machines and training bikes. But by no means does that indicate that it is not good. In fact, the upgraded version of the 500UB version proves to be just as effective, with a touch of added features that has made dedicated users fall in love with it more than before. If MP3 support and quality speakers do not impress you, then the adjustable backlit LCD display of the heart rate monitor surely will. A wide number of programs have been installed in the machine, and each provides a different but effective training schedule for the best fitness results. The seat, which was disappointing in the earlier version, has been improved to be comfortable. As an upright bike, it beats all others by miles. It makes no noise during its operation, and due to an acceptable size and weight, it is easy to store and to move around. The flywheel and the frame are sturdy and the handle has a strong grip. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact flaw in the Diamondback Fitness 510UB since it is seemingly perfect, but longer set-up time might discourage new buyers from considering this product.