WEC25 Expo


One of the best assets Wharton and the surrounding community has to offer is its vast network of entrepreneurs—both established as well as the ones just starting off. This year, WEC'09 is proud to present the Entrepreneur Exposition giving entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their team and product to the participants.

The WEC25 Expo is a unique opportunity to present your entrepreneurial venture to a vast network of VCs and entrepreneurs.

The WEC25 Expo will be composed of 25 of the most promising startups, which will each be given their own table to exhibit their business all day alongside the annual Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference. The WEC25 companies will gain incredible exposure to our 500+ guests, including leading venture capital investors, MBA students from The Wharton School and other Penn Graduate students (e.g., Engineering and Medicine), and industry professionals from the greater Philadelphia entrepreneurship ecosystem.

American Resource Conservation

Team: Elizabeth Brady
Website: http://www.arconservation.com
Contact: ebrady@arconservation.com

American Resource Conservation, LLC funds land conservation by developing renewable energy and monetizing ecosystem services. Our proprietary software allows customers to track real-time environmental credits, and our scientific land stewardship delivers authentic climate, biodiversity and community benefits based on accountable metrics and transparent carbon accounting.


Team: Ryan Goldstein
Website: http://chronowake.com
Contact: ryan@chronowake.com

ChronoWake is a product that utilizes advanced physiological signal analysis and processing in order to wake its users at an ideal time to significantly reduce grogginess in the morning.

Crave Mobile

Team: Josh Wais
Website: http://www.startcraving.com
Contact: josh@startcraving.com

Crave is a free mobile service that takes the hassle out of staying plugged-in to what your friends are up to while you’re out. Unlike any other service, anyone can use Crave, it’s drop dead simple to use (using Natural Language Processing algorithms to interpret and let people use plain English), it’s inherently viral and it’s dedicated to mobile-2-mobile interaction.

Delfigo Security

Team: Bharat Nair
Website: http://www.delfigosecurity.com
Contact: bharat.nair@delfigosecurity.com

Delfigo Security provides a unique and differentiated way for companies to implement multi-factor, risk-based authentication, in real time and assigns a unique session-based confidence factor (CF) using artificial intelligence based algorithms. Using this CF companies can establish access profiles for users (internal and external) to prevent identity fraud and theft.

DualPoint Wireless

Team: Becky Thomas
Website: http://www.dualpoint.com
Contact: becky@dualpoint.com

DualPoint Wireless provides connected navigation, GPS and integrated RFID via cellular or satellite for remote asset and supply chain management.

Environmentally Conscious Organization

Team: Jennifer Wright
Website: http://www.ecoincorporated.com
Contact: jiwright@ecoincorporated.com

e.c.o. Incorporated is a firm dedicated to improving outmoded, outdated and wasteful food packaging. We are marketing our first product - the “Green Box” - a pizza box made from 100% recycled material that breaks down into serving plates and a storage container.

Fitzroy Health Group

Team: James Nicholls
Website: http://www.fitzroyhealth.com
Contact: james@fitzroyhealth.com

Fitzroy Health Group is a home healthcare company that will provide visiting nursing and care management services to patients in their homes, thereby elevating the standard of patient care in the United Arab Emirates and the surrounding region.


Team: Andy Knapp
Website: http://www.geenee.com
Contact: andy@geenee.com

Geenee is the largest online home exchange marketplace without annual membership fees. They have 13,000 members and specialize in home exchanges and home rentals for vacations around the world.

Global Classroom

Team: Warne Burr
Website: http://www.globalclassroom.us
Contact: bwarne@globalclassroom.us

Global Classroom provides an online eClassroom application software as a service (SaaS) ($8.99/Month); technology, hosting, training and support are provided online to teachers and schools at significant cost savings when compared to schools delivering the same solution on their servers.


Team: Michael Kopko
Website: http://www.gradefund.com
Contact: kopko@gradefund.com

The GradeFund is a community-based revolutionary approach to student education financing that encourages academic success. Imagine a world where family, friends, philanthropists, corporations and other organizations join together in the mission of rewarding students for performing well in school.

Innova Materials

Team: Alex Mittal
Website: http://www.innovamaterials.com
Contact: amittal@innovamaterials.com

Innova Materials transforms and improves manufacturers’ products with Innlay, a revolutionary technology platform for enhancing plastic and plastic-coated surfaces with a practically unlimited number of functionalities, one of which is marketed as “IonArmour(R)”, a natural antimicrobial enhancement that protects plastics surfaces from the growth of germs, bacteria, and molds.


Team: Davinder (Bobby) Singh
Contact: dsingh09@gsb.columbia.edu

KashPile is a web-based, parent monitored money management system and shopping mall for kids. KashPile is safer, more educational, and efficient than cash, credit cards, and pre-paid gift cards because parents retain control of purchases before transactions are routed to the retailers.

Konnect Me

Team: Jameson Detweiler
Website: http://www.konnect.me
Contact: jameson@konnect.me

Green.Konnect.Me konnects more than just people. Here you can develop a network of konnections for Projects, People, and Products in the green building industry. Look around, discover new Projects, learn about new Products, or add some of your work and use these tools to promote your work.

Latam Complete

Team: Fabio Cardenas
Website: http://www.latamcomplete.com
Contact: fcardenas09@gsb.columbia.edu

Latam Complete sells access to a proprietary database created by aggregating Latin American commercial real estate information from private equity firms and developers.


Team: Sameer Nigam
Website: http://www.manoramic.com
Contact: snigam@wharton.upenn.edu

With the largest catalog of available Indian music, digital delivery models, and compelling prices, Manoramic is a panoramic view of Indian music, bringing melody to the lives of Indian diasphora worldwide.


Team: John M. Pisciotta, PhD
Contact: jpisciot@jhsph.edu

Window-insulating Solar Generators save you money by reducing home energy losses while capturing solar energy without drilling holes in your roof or invalidating your warranty.


Team: Collin Rich, Matt Rushton
Website: http://www.movolu.com
Contact: crich@movolu.com

Movolu leverages location information to connect local businesses to customers in their area. Movolu helps businesses engage customers by delivering non-intrusive coupon advertisements to mobile devices. Developers monetize their content by including these advertisements on their mobile applications or Web sites.


Team: Mahdad Taheri
Website: http://www.noo.com
Contact: mahdad@noo.com

Noo.com ("new dot com") is an internet portal to user generated directories of events and experiences. Created by The Noo Group Ltd., noo.com currently comprises two vertical directories, nooEvents and nooExperiences, advertising local businesses which offer experiential activities and annual events.

PhindMe Mobile

Team: Chuck Sacco
Website: http://www.phindmemobile.com
Contact: chuck.sacco@phindmemobile.com

PhindMe has created easy to use technology with the unique capability to format business content for any Internet-enabled device, and to facilitate personal communications with a large mobile audience. Our integrated text messaging and mobile web site builder platform enables low-cost, rapid deployment of mobile marketing capabilities along with automation of a business’ marketing processes.

Planet Sujo

Team: D’laila Pereira, Sumeet Solanki
Website: http://www.planetsujo.com
Contact: hub@planetsujo.com

Planet Sujo connects clean energy businesses. An online marketplace where sellers of renewables (such as solar panels and wind turbines) list their products, and buyers (such as solar installers and wind developers) find the best product and business matching their needs.


Team: Jonathan Marcus
Website: http://www.superkix.com
Contact: jonathan@superkix.com

Superkix makes it easy to find authentic sneakers currently for sale at retail and get a sneak peak into what is coming next from Nike, Reebok, Adidas and other popular brands. consumers can search inventory by name and size, updated continuously from 35+ leading retailers and discover new styles set to debut using a consolidated and algorithmically ranked feed from the 20+ most authoritative sneaker bloggers.


Team: Peter Groverman
Website: http://www.tapinko.com
Contact: pgroverman@tapinko.com

TapInko aims to become the universal directory and transaction tool for buyers and sellers of advertising. Normally, the process of completing one advertising sales transaction, for one location, for one client could take days or weeks to negotiate and complete. With TapInko, the cumbersome process can now be completed in under 10 minutes, and we give you the tools to keep track of every aspect of the sale. Online advertising has benefited from an innovation surge and TapInko provides the same leverage to traditional and alternative media.


Website: http://www.testknowledge.com
Contact: jl568@cornell.edu

Test Knowledge provides preparation for standardized multiple-choice exams for college and graduate school admission and post-graduate professional licensing based on a patented method of teaching.


Team: Christopher Stanchak
Website: http://www.ticketleap.com
Contact: stanchak@ticketleap.com

TicketLeap.com is an event ticketing solution designed for small to medium sized events and organizers.

Vita Products

Team: David Waxman
Website: http://www.vitaband.net
Contact: dwaxman@vitaband.net

Vita Products Inc. has developed an identification/contactless payments platform that integrates with a variety of consumer products and accessories aimed at the large and growing population of physically active adults who do not bring money or identification with them when they exercise outdoors.