Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Nautilus E616 Elliptical TrainerCheck PriceTagged as one of the best-built trainer equipment in the body-shaping community, the Nautilus E616 Elliptical is definitely a product that ensures the utmost luxury level quality one can think of.

The figure of this gym equipment has a bold and sturdy feel to it which is engineered to provide the best fitness training of burning calories to its user.

The features that it comes with helps the user find a sense of easy control in their own training session, without having to fully give-in to a machine.

Best Features

25 Resistance Levels

This trainer comes with 25 levels of resistance. Most of the time it is seen that workouts for beginners may require a lighter regime. Having a well sorted different tiers of workout levels will help any beginner to get started with the trainer, without having to face a sudden strain in the muscles due to the heavy workout routine.

Eventually, with time and much more body-adjustability, the tiers can be notched up and made more challenging so that the workout sessions are always productive and effective.

29 Workout Programs

young male exercing on E616 trainerThis trainer does not only provide you an effective way to cope with your workout schedule but also helps you keep track with the current state of your body. It introduces 29 programs built into the system which includes 9 tiers of heart rate control, 4 customary slots for your convenience, 2 fitness tests, 1 recovery test and a quick start.

The 9 heart rate control programs can easily be used to build up the body’s ability to withstand the strain, starting from a beginner level, advancing to the highest as workout routine progresses. The customary slots can help you choose your own routine in different settings of your choice.

You may need to work out a little more in some seasons than others, hence the trainer gives you the luxury to set it up to your will. The fitness test will keep you in check with your body conditions after the routines you’ve followed in the workouts and give you a better understanding of its effectiveness. The recovery test helps you monitor the recovering of your body’s vitals after an intense workout session.


The Bluetooth connectivity feature is also added to the trainer’s program. Synced with the Nautilus trainer app and other fitness apps, now the monitoring of your workout sessions will be at the tip of your fingers. This allows you to be in constant check of all the details regarding your progress during the training sessions.


E616 control panel and LCD screenThe DualTrack LCD display, built-in speakers with MP3 input, charging facility and an adjustable fan just makes the training session much more enjoyable than what it would have been initially. Plugging into the music can boost up your productivity in training and an adjustable fan can always come and handy to keep sweat at bay.

The intelligently placed padded moving and static handlebars allow you to change up your hand holding positions to your comfortability.

Nautilus E616 Elliptical Customer Reviews


What the customers have absolutely loved about the Nautilus E616 elliptical machine is its build. Nautilus is renowned for their manufactured products of this line, and the E616 model is no exception. With the 10 years warranty tag that it comes with, the creators of E616 are confident to give you the heavy-duty service of elongated workout sessions without falling short in its performance.

Customers have commented on the foot pedals being incredibly comfortable. The spacing of the pedals is done correctly so that any training position does not turn out to be uncomfortable or awkward.

The Nautilus Elliptical E616 is rather easy to be put together. No superior knowledge is needed to assemble this sturdy piece of workout equipment. This ease of assembly is also well noted by the customers who had initially predicted it to be a difficult task.

The height of the Nautilus E616 elliptical trainer is surprisingly well engineered, according to many customers who had not expected it to be. This allows catering to the taller and the shorter users without them having to face any difficulty in their training session.


Users are seen to be complaining about the USB connectivity to be stale. Uploading workout sessions from a flash drive supposed to be a piece of cake. However, the USB performance has been seemingly mediocre to the customers.

In their Nautilus E616 elliptical reviews users have ocasionally complained about the connectivity issues. Apart from their own app, any other fitness apps hardly find the connectivity zone. This is a significant problem since many might prefer other apps over theirs and a lack of connectivity performance may set the users off.

Despite of that it is believed to be one of the best elliptical machines under $1000.


The Nautilus E616 trainer not only provides a premium workout experience but also makes sure the sessions are conducted efficiently and effectively. The designed programs and the engineered exterior build is offered to ensure maximum comfortability and controllability so that the users can monitor their own progress and take steps in the calorie-burning session accordingly.

This is intelligently put together so that the appropriate measures can be taken to provide the best training sessions. However, the chest strap should have been added with the equipment instead of a separated purchase, since the model prioritizes accuracy in performance.

Nautilus E614 vs E616

Workout Programs2229
Resistance Levels2025
Mixed-Reality Training NoRunSocial App
Performance TrackingGoal TrackNautilus Trainer 2 App
Precision Path Stride 20"20"
Heart RateContactContact & Telemetry Enabled

e616 and e614 compared

Unlike the E616 with an astounding 29 built-in features, the Nautilus E614 series comes with 22 programs, minus-ing some of the programs that may have catered to the user’s comfortability. The E614 also lacks the Bluetooth connectivity which may not provide app connectivity for accurate monitoring.

The RunSocial App is also evidently absent in the E614 which may be an inconvenience to users who prefer it. The Nautilus Trainer 2 App is a facility that E616 comes with, but the E614 only resides with Goal Tracker. This can be of help to some users, but they may not be able to monitor the sessions efficiently.

The heart rate monitoring is only done through contact in the E614, but an extra chest strap in E616 gives the precision of the data which the prior elliptical model may not provide.

Nautilus E616 vs E618

Workout Programs2929
Resistance Levels2525
Mixed-Reality Training RunSocial AppRunSocial App
Performance TrackingNautilus Trainer 2 AppNautilus Trainer 2 App
Precision Path Stride 20"22"
Heart RateContact & Telemetry EnabledContact & Telemetry Enabled

e616 and e618 comparedNearly all of the features are checked for the latter E618 version of the Nautilus series. Starting from the programs, Bluetooth connectivity, performance tracking, resistance levels and heart rate, all of the features are absolutely identical.

The bar is raised in the stride length where the E618 comes with 22″ Precision Path whereas the E616 is a 20″ Precision Path.  Also, the articulated footpath has an adjustable suspension in the E618 model which is absent in the E616.