Phoenix 99608 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Burn all unnecessary fats and calories and have the form that you always wanted. Phoenix 99608 Recumbent Exercise Bike would help keep your body healthy and fit.

Phoenix 99608 is a magnetic recumbent exercise bike that provides you a reclining position while pedaling.

Phoenix 99608 Exercise BikeUnlike upright exercise bikes, recumbent style bikes give your back a full support and gives you comfort while cycling.

Phoenix recumbent exercise machine offers all the aerobic benefits you get from the conventional outdoor morning biking exercise at the luxury of your home, any time that you want and in any weather condition of the day.

Affordable Purchase

Purchasing your very own home fitness equipment also lets you save a generous amount of money compared to enrolling in different exercise courses in gyms and fitness centers.

Having your own exercise equipment also saves your time rather than going out of the house and allows you to do multiple work at the same time just like reading a newspaper or magazine while exercising.

You could also watch your favorite TV show even while toning up your body. The trainer operates silently that you don’t have to worry about the irritating sound that most exercise bikes produce. So even if you are cycling in a rate of 25 miles/hour, you won’t hear a cracking noise from this great product.

Sturdy Frame For Longer Life

This Magnetic Recumbent bike comes in a sturdy frame design that assures you won’t fall down while exercising and guarantees you that it would last for years.

Tension ControlThis product is equipped with various programs of different levels of difficulty allowing you to go from a low level of resistance just like getting your body warmed up before hitting a more serious cardiovascular work-out with a higher level of resistance.

It is also engineered with modern electronic controls that are well-positioned and of amazing precision. It has Time, Speed and Distance read-outs and an accurate calorie counter that keeps track of your fitness performance after you are done with your exercise.

Easy Assembly, Storage and Transport

Phoenix Exercise Bike usually comes unassembled but don’t worry for it has a user manual with instructions that will help you put all the pieces together. Also, the commands are simple and easy to understand so you can have your bike put up in no time.

This Phoenix trainer comes in a compact design that doesn’t consume too much space and has high-quality rolling wheels ideal for storage and transport.

Phoenix 99608 trainer will make your morning work-out comfortable and convenient for keeping your body toned up and in shape never got this exciting and anticipating.

Customer Reviews

Phoenix 99608 Magnetic Recumbent Bike is an exemplary exercise machine in all its glory.

It is silent, weighs lesser than other models, and is easy to use. There are practically no limitations of this product, and it is a great addition to any respectable household.

Reviewers have focused on its many difficult levels and constant challenges, which are helpful qualities in getting a user’s body back in tip-top shape.

This magnetic exercise bike is a great method of curing joint pains as well, which makes it a prime choice in therapy uses. Even though there have been people saying that this is not built for shorter people, the model alone is a fantastic product.