Precor AMT 100i Elliptical Adaptive Motion Trainer Review (Updated November 2018)

Precor model AMT100i Trainer (2009 Model)Check Price This Precor AMT 100i Experience Series Adaptive exercise machine would solve your dilemma on what trainer to get for your home gym.

I know it is challenging to get a varied routine on a cardio trainer with limited motion so this trainer is gonna change that for you.

You must have tried a treadmill or maybe an exercise bike, but the motion is the same over and over again.

If you are looking for a better machine that can give you different directions of movement, this adaptive motion trainer won’t bring you down.


Excellent Movement Control

When you mount a treadmill, all you can take charge of is the speed of the belt, and the same is almost true with an exercise bike.

However, when you have this at home, you can vary the movements you do when you are on this machine.

With the Precor adaptive exercise machine, you can change your motion from a stepping gait to a full running stride and even do some backpedaling. You can’t do that on a treadmill and also on other trainers.

This is highly recommended when your family members have different height levels. The gait of a taller person is really different from a shorter one, and that would prove to be a problem for some trainers.

Auto Gait Control

The best thing about this elliptical is that you do not have to touch any electronic control to change the gait.

All you have to do is change your pace, and the machine slows down or speeds up with you. The contra-lateral arm movement mimics your natural movements; the way your arm moves with your feet movement.

You do not have to touch anything when you feel like changing your step. Just do it since you are in full control of your motion.

Different Stride Lengths

Precor AMT 100i Adaptive Motion TrainerThe stride length ranges from 0 inches (climber motion) to 27 inches. If you are a taller person, you certainly would have a longer stride.

For other machines, it would prove to be a problem if a shorter person will use the trainer. But with the Precor trainer, anyone can take advantage of exercise programs this machine.

Aside from the great exercise benefits from this Precor AMT 100i, it also has all the amenities to make your turn on the trainer very convenient. It has a water bottle and reading material holder for your convenience.

Precor AMT 100i Reviews From Users

Customers highly recommend the Precor AMT100i Experience Series model as one of the best pieces of equipment they have ever used.

As an added bonus, many were particularly impressed with Precor’s customer service. The representatives, in most cases, were helpful, walked them through the process of purchase and provided them with the repair and warranty history of the equipment.

The AMT100i is not a budget-friendly product, but customers said that they were more than happy to pay the high price. The unique machine should belong to its own class of variable elliptical training since a customer can vary the stride in any way they want.

The different strides one can achieve include stepping, full running gait, pedaling and even a backward pedaling stride, allowing the fitness conscious to mix up their routine however they like. The customer is in full control of the gait, not the machine, and it can be varied without touching any of the electronic controls.

The customers also really like the fabrication and the design quality of the machine. Many have agreed that in spite of the steep price, the Precor AMT is an excellent value for money as it will last for many years.

Even after a year, a customer reports that the machine is still in good condition even after around 15-20 hours of use a week. Cheaper trainers are not as durable in the long run. Hence the AMT100i is a worthwhile investment.