ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine Review

Are you serious about working out and losing weight?

Then get ProRower H2O RX750 Rowing Machine for your home or office and start shedding some pounds right away.

This is the ultimate workout equipment for you when you are also a water sport hobbyist.

So, when you have this with you, you would the same ways as if you are just enjoying a weekend somewhere on your kayak.

You wouldn’t even know that you are already well on your way to successful weight loss by mounting this rower.ProRower H2O RX-750


Natural Rowing Experience

If you love to row and even join rowing competitions but do not have the time for that now that you have been promoted, then get the outdoors into your own home.

Get a rower machine that makes you feel like you are working out strenuously . Now that is made possible with the “natural adaptive resistance” of the rower.

This ProRower H2O RX750 will make you feel the dynamic of rowing with its polycarbonate tank.Polycarbonate water tank

This Hydro Power Drive rower system comes with the internal paddle system that sits right on your feet.

If you feel like you want a slow steady workout, paddle slower and you will achieve just that. You are in control of the speed and rhythm of your workout so no need to worry about dials for changing settings.

Personalized Workouts

With this ProRower RX-750 Rowing Machine, you will not only be able to work out specific muscle groups, you are also able to switch from slow to harsh workout rhythm at your own pace.

Not only that, it is not as noisy as other home gym equipments. All you will hear will be the soothing water at your feet as you try to row away your pounds.

This rower can track all your workout data on its display so you are updated on your distance, strokes, heart rate and other such metrics.

Great For Disabled People

For most people, treadmills and other such equipments offer a more strenuous workout for them. However, not everyone is physically-abled to stand such hard workouts.

Some disabled individuals can undoubtedly get the best workouts with water rowers. They do not have to stand for so long running on a belt but they just have to sit down and paddle.

Customer Reviews

ProRower H2O-series RX-750 Home Series Rower speaks for itself when it comes to its function.

H2O Fitness’s proud exercise rower has achieved perfection in its status as a home equipment, and is said to provide long lasting service without a glitch.

Like a good exercise machine should be, this rower is easy to set up and is easier to use, encouraging new users to try out this marvel. The metal which makes the structure is very durable, and provides a comfortable area for the body to shape up.

However, the disappointing fact is that the machine might not be suitable for very physically strong individuals. The tension and work that it exerts on a user is sometimes not enough to be considered a useful exercise, so well-built bodies might not appreciate the inaptitude. Getting the RX-950 model would be smarter choice.

This is still a well-functioning exercise machine, though, and definitely something that is recommended for beginners.