ProRower H2O RX-950 Club Series Rowing Machine Review

Working out can be done in a lot of ways and having the ProRower H2O RX-950 Club Series Rowing Machine is one.

When other people prefer a home trainer and home gym equipment, there are other water sports enthusiasts such as rowers and kayak enthusiasts who get a rower for their workouts.

The rower certainly gives you a lot of benefits and makes you feel like you are also enjoying your favorite hobby.ProRower H2O RX-950 Club Series Rower


Durability and Safety

When you are picking out your home gym equipment, you must certainly look for the ability of the machine to hold your weight while you are on it.

You must always consider your safety first and so, you have to look for sturdy rowing equipment to use for your workouts.

The ProRower RX-950 rower has an all-metal construction that surely would make you comfortable and safe while you are on it. You will find sealed bearings on the sliding chair, an added safety measure.

Though the metal construction does not really make this rower appealing, at least I know that this would last indefinitely compared to wooden rowers.

The Feel of Water

RX-950 water tankThis is a very excellent piece of equipment for you if you want a rower which mimics the feel of real rowing experience.

Do you see that polycarbonate water tank under the seat? That is the reason why when you are in this rower, you’d really feel like you are on a rowing adventure somewhere.

This gives you the natural resistance of water. If you are a rowing or kayak enthusiast, then this is gonna be appealing to you.

Informative Display

There is an oversized display panel for your workout metrics, and you will find that all your data will be logged in there for easy reference.

The computer keeps track of your time, distance, calories, strokes per minute and even heart rate. All this are important so that you know about your improvements as you workout on this exercise machine.

It is easy to break apart the bolts if you need to move it and setup is just as easy as well.

Customer Reviews

When looking at the ProRower RX-950 H2O rower for the first time, the first thing that anyone would notice is the strangely shaped water tank in its structure.

The Hydro-Power Drive System, innovation by H2O Fitness, is the cause behind such a mechanism. This unique system has attracted a lot of customer attention and has proven to them just how powerful a water-driven rowing machine can be.

Termed as a ‘heavy-duty machine,’ this product has pleased customers looking for powerful pieces of equipment for high-level workout sessions. Physically healthy and fit individuals have discovered great professional usage in this version.

Additionally, it is built strong as well. It has a bulky structure, a sturdy build, and is able to provide years’ worth of service and satisfaction. The sale includes chlorine tablets that are to be used with the water to keep it fresh and germfree.

Noteworthy complaints about this product, other than unlucky deliveries, is its difficulty in finding specific parts. Because the machine is so unique, it would not be possible to find replacements as soon as possible.

Overall, this product has garnered a noticeable positive response from new users, and it has helped them shape their lives as well as their bodies.