Best Rowing Machine Reviews and Comparisons 2018

In today’s time and age, everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. Looking slim and trim is in and having sturdy muscles and ABS are just the icing on the cake that everybody desires.

Rowing machines are one of the best pieces of exercise equipment available in the market. Now there are quite a few types of rowers and you might find yourself in a turmoil when choosing the one that you need.

Get ready to start your workout because you will soon be pumped up with all the knowledge about rowing machines. Best Rowing Machines 2018

Overview of Rowing Machines

Have you ever rowed a boat before? Well, if you have not, then do not worry because a rowing machine in simple words operates in a similar way. This exercise machine generally has a handle or chain which is linked to breaking machinery. There is also a rail on which the mechanism would slide. This entire setup of the machine has been just the generic overview, but there are different variants of the way the machines are amassed, specifically the braking system. And, accordingly, the way the machines operate varies as well. Roughly, they are categorized into motion and damper type of machines. Some also feature a digital screen which shows many workout information such as the number of calories burnt, how far you have rowed or at what speed you are rowing. The display meter on some machines can also be connected to a computer so that you can observe your progress better. Rowing machines give you an edge over other exercise instruments such as treadmills or any other ones that only focus on the lower limbs. You see, your overall body is benefited by the propelling exercise increasing your blood flow and metabolic activities. It affects both the upper and lower parts of the body, helping to keep stability during exercise.

Types of Rowing Machines

Now that you know how a rowing machine works, it is time you know which sort you need or want. There are four types and you have to decide whose advantages and disadvantages you prefer and overlook respectively.

  • Water resistance: Rowing machine with water resistance techniques is the best type to give you an actual real-life feeling of propelling a boat. The best part is you don’t have to worry about drowning! Well, rowers like ProRower H2O RX-750 and ProRower H2O RX-950 have a water reservoir in which the paddles are held. It is very easy to use and gives you the real world practice. But the downside to this is that it will put the biggest dent in your wallet among all the types of rowing machines. And, it occupies a lot of space as it is really huge in size.
  • Magnetic resistance: this type of rowers (e.g. Stamina 15-9003) feature electromagnets which help them to operate. The magnets provide the resistance against which you have to row, but it is very easy to use. These also have good and bad sides, but hey who doesn’t? These are a bit pricey, but you do not have to withstand any sort of cacophonous operational noises. It does not need much care, can be easily stored anywhere and has very flexible settings options.
  • Air resistance: The air resistance in this type of machine is provided by a fan blade which is found inside the flywheel. The fan blade produces the air resistance as you move the flywheel. This is cheaper compared to the previous ones. It is very much suitable for tall people and you can control the speed at which you are rowing. But, there some problems you might not like, such as it makes a lot of racket during workouts and is huge in size. Examples of this rower type are Concept2 Model D and BodyCraft VR100.
  • Piston resistance: Rowers like Body Rower BRW2000 operate via two hydraulic pistons, connected to the paddles of the machine, which generate the hydraulic resistance. This is the cheapest on the list and it is very small in size, so it can be easily taken anywhere. These are very good for rookies who are just starting their workout and can learn the rowing techniques with ease. On the flip side, they need to be thoroughly taken care of and the fluidity of use is less.

So there you go. These are the basic features you should keep in mind while choosing your desired rowing machine.   Save