Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

Exercising at home is better than having to go to the gym weekly. You can enjoy the comforts of your home and you save up your gym fees as well.

Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike allows you to fulfill your goal of keeping your body fit and strong inside your cozy home.

The 240 model comes in a compact design and the feel of an outdoor bike. The bike seat is padded and there is dual lumbar support also.

Schwinn 240The ergonomic design of the seat will surely put you at ease while using this bike for your exercises. The console and the seat is adjustable as well so you can alter it accordingly for your body.

The flywheel weighs 20 pounds and is perimeter weighted. This makes you feel like you are pumping the pedals along a sunny road. The perimeter weighted flywheel works smoothly to make your workouts consistent.

For optimal performance, there are large stabilizers and levelers to keep you secure that you are riding on a solid working platform.


Monitoring with BioConnect Feedback

When you are working out either on an stationary bike or on a treadmill, you have to closely look after your heart rate.

This Schwinn stationary exercise bike has the BioConnect Feedback allow you to monitor your workouts.

It has an integrated grip heart rate system so you can follow how your fast your heart beats. It is also telemetry-enabled.

Take advantage of the exercise programs that have been built-in with this exercise bike.

Integrated Workout Programs

There are 17 workout programs that you can use to start off your workouts. That includes 8 course profiles, 2 custom profiles and target heart rate. All that information is displayed on a colorful and easy-to-read console.

Schwinn 240 Exercise BikeWith a maximum weight of 300 pounds, this stationary bike for the home is very durable. The walkthrough design also permits easy access to the exercise machine.

Comforts at an Arm’s Reach

You can keep your sports drink or water bottle in the bottle holder so you can easily reach out for it when you need to. The handlebars and the console are adjustable too.

All these are done so that you feel very comfortable whenever you are on your exercise bike. Pedal while reading some magazines tucked under your seat in the Schwinn’s magazine rack.

There are 16 resistance levels and you can change your resistance level depending on the exercise you are working on.

There is so much that this bike offers and it really is a great value for your money. That is why customers have rated this machine so highly. Click here to read more reviews!

Customer Reviews

The Schwinn 240 stationary bike is a huge step ahead from the Schwinn 220, and that fact is easy to recognize due to the huge number of positive responses it has garnered.

It is easy to set up, easy to use, and is easy to maintain; performing in an all-around impressive method that is sure to attract dedicated exercisers.

The wheels and the light structure give it further ease in usage. As far as recumbent exercise bikes go, this is simply one of the best ones.

Even though the resistance level has been deemed unsatisfactory to some people, the bike in general is outstanding.