Schwinn Active 10 Series Upright Exercise Bike Review

Keep your body and heart in shape. Experience a great cardiovascular work-out at the comfort of your home with Schwinn Active 10 Series Upright Exercise Bike.

Why you should get this exercise bike from Schwinn?

Nowadays there are many ways to keep your body fit, but not all exercise regimens are convenient to the user.

Schwinn Active 10Most people would resort into purchasing home fitness equipments just like an stationary bike mainly because:

  • it provides an effective cardiovascular and body work-out,
  • it is very convenient that you can do it anytime you want,
  • it saves time for you can do it at the luxury of your house sparing you the hassles of going out,
  • it’s way lot cheaper compared to enrolling in exercise sessions in gyms and other fitness centers.

11 work-out programs

This Schwinn trainer has 11 readily available work-out programs:

  • 6 Preset Profiles,
  • 1 Manual Program,
  • 3 Heart Rate Control Programs,
  • 1 Target Heart Rate Program.

It has 8 levels of eddy current resistance you could from for your daily exercise session.

It is also computer controlled, has LCD display with Speed, Time, Distance, RPM, Calories and Pulse readouts and has grip heart rate sensor that allows you to keep track of your fitness level.

Multi-Position Paddle Saddle and Adjustable Handle Bars

control panelThe Active10 Series Exercise Bike has 9-position paddle saddle as well as adjustable handle bars to provide you maximum comfort while cycling and it has a belt-drive system that makes sure you won’t fall off while exercising.

This product would certainly give you a smooth, quite and efficient work-out routine like no other.

Easy Storage and Transportation

This stationery bike is well-constructed with a compact design and comes with a transport wheel that is not only ideal for easy storage but is also perfect for moving your exercise equipment anywhere you want.

Now, you can watch TV even while doing your work-out, or you could experience the cool and gentle breeze of the morning air as you place your bike in your front porch or back This yard.

This Schwinn bike is easy to assemble, measures 40 x 20 x 53 inches and has a maximum user weight of 275 pounds.

Toning up your body has never been this comfortable and convenient. Schwinn Active 10 Series Bike and its work-out programs would definitely make you feel determined and motivated.

Customer Reviews

Compared to other older and the newer models, the Schwinn Active10, sadly, has never received as much hype and popularity as it should have.

Its basic design is quite simple, with little to no modification on training specific body parts other than the legs. Of course, it is an exercise bike through and through, and deeming it as only that, it performs its job well.

It has a bunch of useful features that helped its initial rate of sales, and the satisfied customers have adored its quietness and light weight. Using it as a regular exercise machine brings no amount of discomfort, and its overall operating ability is smooth and free of lags.

The bars on the front enable workouts in different positions, and the tension settings help make the run more productive. The structure of the machine is compact, so that it can reserve on space, but an ineffective calorie counter does more harm than good.

It is not possible to set in one’s weight on the counter, which means a user would not be able to know how many calories are being burned during the run. Nonetheless, the Active 10 trainer is as good as the versions before and after it.