Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews

Are you a busy person and you want to do some exercise when you get home? If you are then the Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer is best for you.

It is great for moms or dads who want to do exercise at home because they have no time to do running or walks.

Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical TrainerThe Sole Fitness E55 trainer has a larger display and heavier flywheel than the Sole E35 but has a similar design.

It features offers a healthy club model just like in the gym. The machine fits comfortably in to your home that allows you to get fit even with a hectic schedule.

Getting Toned With Sole E 55 Elliptical

If you are the kind of person who goes to the gym to work out those fats and get your body toned and healthy while having stared down at by gym rats then you might want to try the E55 from Sole Fitness.

The E 55 elliptical will not just give you the convenience of your home but also will save you from the stares of gym rats from the gym.

And not just that, it will also lessen your expenses going back and forth to the gym or the monthly fee for the gym.

Lifetime of Fitness In One Down Payment

Sole E55 controlsBy purchasing this trainer you just don’t get an equipment to get yourself healthy and toned but also you only have to pay one time for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Sole Fitness E55 Trainer features a vibrant 7.5-inch blue LCD display which makes it easy for you to monitor your workout development.

The LCD screen includes a windows resistance, incline, time, distance, calories burned, pulse and pace display.

Compare Sole E55 vs E95

Sole E95 is a bit more advanced elliptical if compared with E55 model.

The E95 features two color (green and red) screen that looks a bit more advanced than E55’s blue screen.

The message window on E95 can fit 20 characters which is almost twice as more as E55 screen.

There are also minor design differences that make Sole E95 look a bit more sexy.

On the other hand these design features make this trainer heavier. It is something to consider if you plan to move your elliptical around your place now and then.

Sole E35 vs E55

The main difference between E55 and E35 is the heart rate monitoring features that you will find in E-55 model.

If you know benefits of working in your optimal heart rate zone, the E-55 is the right choice.

If this is not a requirement for you, you can save some money and buy E35 trainer.

High-Performance Elliptical Trainer

The E55 Trainer features a high gear ration which is not found in any other comparable models and has a whisper-quiet drive system which as an outcome the machine brings an exceptionally fluid performance and high-end resistance.

The E55 Elliptical Trainer also features a complete two heart-rate-controlled workout option that lets you customize the exercise to provide to your needs.

It has a built-in sound system that has a MP3 player compatible sound cable which allows you to listen to any audio device or to your favorite music with a headphone jack.