Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent Bike Rower Combo Review

If you want to work out in many ways, this is the equipment for you. The Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Recumbent rowing machine is a 2-in-1 exercise machine that people with limited space can surely enjoy.

If you have a small apartment yet you want to experience different kinds of workout every day, then this machine would surely be a big help to you.

Other than allowing you to cycle and row on the same machine, this also includes some other fitness programs that you would undoubtedly love.

If you have been going to a gym before but don’t have the time for it now, you can still continue your fitness training in your own home.Stamina 15-9003 combo rower

Rower and Bicycle Trainer

This recumbent bicycle doubles as a rower so that you get full body workout.

Rowing is one of the exercises that help you work out your whole body and biking develops your lower body strength.

These two exercises are incorporated in this single rowing machine so that you can exercise in your own living room.


Resistance Levels

The 8 levels of resistance allow you to increase your pace as you go along your fitness programs.


recumbent rower bike panelUnlike other exercise equipment that has mounted LCD monitors, the recumbent bicycle/rower has a built-in monitor on its housing for a sleek look.

It would be easier to read through several of your metrics because the LCD monitor is large enough too. It tracks your calories, distance, speed, time and pulse.

Keep yourself motivated by trying to improve every day. You will not find the monitor on top of your bike, unlike some other models that cost much more.


Of course, the first thing when it comes to mind when we get 2-in-1 products is that quality is compromised if not in the features then in comfort.

But Stamina 15-9003 Combo exercise machine has all the powerful features for your cardio training as well as making you comfortable while you are on it. The seats are well-padded to keep you from butt sores, and the paddles have straps to keep your feet in.

With the durable steel construction and foldable for storage, you just as might get this one now!

Customer Reviews

The Stamina 15-9003 rowing machine and bike combo is a sophisticated-looking trainer rthat provides effective full body workouts with the extensive focus on upper body areas.

It has a variety of unique features not found in other workout machines, and this uniqueness has helped it grab the attention of professional and new users alike. The whole structure is built to perfection: sturdy, smooth, and specific.

The monitor is especially helpful as it gives off a large number of calculations of not only the heartbeat but also of the calorie, distance and overall time spent. For an expert exercise bike that keeps track of the cardio sessions for you, this is an excellent model.

The most attractive feature is the combination included in the structure. While both the bike and the row can be used for individual exercises, they can be combined together for new and innovate workouts that can help generally unfocused parts of the body to become more refined.

The footrest, however, has been the cause of common complaints.

They are sometimes incapable of keeping the feet cemented in one specific position during the training, which is a considerable inconvenience and can even cause accidents if one is not careful.

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